A.I.D. Consultants is a professional service company with broad experience in the Engineering and Construction Management of industrial and commercial projects. Since it's founding in 1978, this independent Montreal-based company has provided its clients with cost-effective services that suit each mandate fully and meet the highest professional standards.

A.I.D. Consultants' principal asset is a team of professionals experienced in all aspects of Engineering and Construction Management for large and medium-sized projects. A.I.D. Consultants insists on a high level of synergy among all participants, creating an integrated team with each client. This way, all efforts can jointly be directed toward completing the mandate on time and on budget.

Our vision is to provide a full range of Engineering, Project Management and Dispute Settlement Services to owners, contractors and law firms in Canada. We fulfil this vision by combining high-quality work with outstanding client service.

Communication and follow-up are of paramount importance at A.I.D. Consultants. The accelerating pace of business leaves no room for missed opportunities. Staff members are acutely aware of our clients' needs for quick turnarounds and prompt business judgements. It is a responsibility we take very seriously.

Accountability is another guiding principle. We encourage periodic reviews to make sure we deliver services in a manner that is effective and convenient to individual clients.

Regular contact and feedback ensure that our priorities and our clients' priorities are tightly aligned.

At A.I.D. Consultants, we are highly sensitive to conflicts of interest, and we follow a strict code of professional conduct in all matters. In cases where a potential conflict exists, we will recommend a selection of appropriate experts based on the clientÕs needs.

Our fee structure is highly competitive and reflects the nature of the assignment. The time, expertise, and experience required to do the work are the main determining factors. The estimates we provide to clients are based on our experience in similar mandates and industries.